MMA Weight Training Routines – Strength and Conditioning

Mixed martial arts or MMA as it is more commonly know is now the fastest growing sport in the world and events take place from India for Ireland every week. It wasn’t always smooth sailing for the sport of MMA. When the Ultimate Fighting Champions first opened it’s doors it was presented as a no holds barred blood fest where 2 men enter the cage and 1 man leaves. Advanced MMA weight training routines were rarely undertaken by the early MMA fighters they were mainly just semi trained fighters apart from one or 2.

In the early UFC events there were many injuries. In UFC 1 alone there was 1 broken ankle, 1 broken arm and broken teeth in 3 separate fights. Since then the UFC have struggled to get rid of that reputation from the sport and have tried and somewhat succeeded in turning it into a mainstream sport.

The UFC now often rivals many boxing pay per view events and is continuing to climb to great heights and with success comes money. In this article we are going to talk about some of the MMA weight training routines that MMA fighters undergo to get in shape for their fights.

MMA weight training is a little different to normal weight training in that you need to train for strength and speed at the same time. When it come to choosing which exercise to do you want to stay clear of the isolation exercises such as the bicep curl.

Instead you want to focus only on full body compound exercises and also focus on the push and pull technique.

For example:


– Chin ups with palms facing out (PULL)
– Standing dumbbell shoulder press (PUSH)


– Close grip barbell bench press (PUSH)
– Bent over row (PULL)

– Squats (PUSH)
– Hamstring curl (PULL)

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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