Bob Revolution Double Stroller – Duallie Stroller Review

As you start exploring the market of strollers, you are sure to hear the name Bob Revolution Double Stroller. You may begin to wonder just who this BOB person is and why parents rave about his strollers. The key to this is to first figure out just who this BOB character is.

BOB is actually not a person as many people think, BOB stands for “Beast of Burden” which is the start-up company name for what is now called BOB. The Bob Revolution Double Stroller design actually started out not in some factory overseas, but on a beach in California by an airline mechanic. The mechanic’s name was Philip Novotny, and his vision of turning an old beach bike into a trailer to pull gear behind a bike, would one day grow into the start of the BOB product line.

With the ideas of Philip Novotny and a crucial partnership with a Roger Malinowski, BOB went into production as a trailer business. It is this attention to mechanical detail and utility that lives on in the BOB Duallie Sport Utility Stroller. What started out as a way to tow gear behind a bike morphed into a jogging stroller design as the two started families.
While many baby products tend to focus on being cute, the BOB Duallie Sport Utility Stroller is not just another cute product.

This is a stroller designed by dads and utility is the key. This focus on utility can be seen in some key parts of what make BOB stand out in the market:

1. The focus on a smooth ride. The BOB Duallie Sport Utility Stroller has a unique design that was made to ensure your little ones travels in comfort. This includes using real tires instead of plastic ones. It also includes a shock system that helps absorb the bouncing around that you might expect from rough terrain.

2. Durability is key. This is a stroller that is made to handle all types of ground and it is OK to get this stroller dirty too! Between the sturdy metals and durable fabrics, the construction of the BOB Duallie Sport Utility Stroller is made to support real use.

3.The Bob Revolution Double stroller is a stroller Dad would be proud to use. While many of the other strollers at the local kiddy store come in cute prints and pretty colors, that just isn’t functional for real outdoor use. The designers at BOB understand this and have taken special care to make their fabrics functional, durable and also pretty cool looking. Dads everywhere appreciate this SUV of strollers.

With its roots in the world of a beach loving mechanic in California, it is pretty easy to see just where the Bob Revolution Double Stroller comes from. So even though BOB is not the guy you may have thought he was, BOB is pretty cool.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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