How to Get the Best Muscle Gain – Muscle Gaining Secrets

There are a lot of beginner weight lifters out there that could save a lot of their time by doing the little things right. This, of course, isn’t there fault because they’re just learning. They would eventually learn all the tips and secrets to getting the best muscle gain, but that could possibly be years down the line.

When your training a muscle group, be sure to get the best possible work out. So if it’s your chest day, do four or more chest exercises at four sets a piece. I see so many people at the gym doing bench press and incline bench press, and then moving on to something else like arms. Then two days later, their in the gym again doing the same exercises. You only need to train each muscle group one time a week, as long as you work it hard enough. A full workout with a weeks rest is going to get you much better muscle gain than a bad workout 2-3 times a week..

Also every six to eight weeks you should switch up those exercises. So on chest day, if you’ve been doing bench press, incline, decline and flies, start doing wide grip bench press, dumbbell press, dumbbell incline, and dumbbell incline.

Legs, legs, legs. While most lifters are just trying to have a nice upper body, building your legs will actually increase your upper body’s potential. Guys with small legs just can’t get that big, and plus it looks awful to be built up top, and have chicken legs.

Finally, you need the proper nutrition. You can’t build muscle without the right foods. Some body builders take in over 7,000 calories in a day. Any kind of meat has protein, which is crucial the getting the best muscle gain. That’s why there are things out there such as protein shakes. People have a hard time getting enough protein so they have a shake before and after a workout. Most shakes contain between 20 and 30 grams of protein.

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