P90x – Is This Fitness Program the Real Deal? Know the Facts

With the popularity of the P90x fitness program, many people are wondering: P90x Scam or the Real Deal? P90x is a home fitness program that is designed especially to promote physical fitness to those who are out of shape. Whether you are suffering from obesity or you are just out of shape, this boot camp program can help you get back in shape and start your path to wellness and fitness.

The rate of obesity in many countries has grown in such a rapid rate that a lot of fitness professionals have come up with ways to address this problem by providing fitness plans and programs that are easy to work on. One such program is developed by Tony Horton. However, with the creation of so many of these types of programs, some people can’t help but wonder whether some of these fitness programs really work, or they nothing more than a scam.

As with any other fitness program, P90x was designed based on exercise concepts that really work. However, it is still up to the individual to lose that weight with determination and discipline. Speculations about the P90x program as being a scam are nothing more than attempts to discourage people from purchasing and using this fitness plan. The vast majority of reviews regarding the P90x fitness program have been incredible positive. Unlike many fad fitness programs that have a short lifespan, the P90x product continues to get glowing reviews because it provides participants with one of the most effective ways to lose weight and gain (or tone) muscle.

P90x is essentially a 90 day program that is divided into two sections, with each period being 45 days long. The package contains a DVD for each time period. This is actually a perfect fitness program for those who desperately need to lose weight and get back in shape but do not have the time for it. The program requires you to allocate around 30 to 45 minutes of your time daily to exercise. You have to perform these workouts six times a week and the additional sculpting and cardio workouts have to be done alternately.

The P90x scam is obviously just fabrications made by competitors because the maker of the program himself admits that there is no magic to weight loss unless you dedicate your time and effort to exercising. The wonderful thing about the P90x program is that it already has exercises lined up for you and all you have to do is follow what is advised on the DVDs. The package even has additional workouts to offer to abdominal exercises to burn more calories and another workout plan that can help you lose ten pounds in six days.

A lot of customers have made positive testimonials about the effectiveness of the P90x program in weight loss and muscle growth. Claims made about the P90X being a scam are ludicrous. The creator of this fitness program, Tony Horton, has already stated that this program requires hard work to get the benefits that are expressed in the promotions. He doesn’t promise that participants will lose weight or get in shape simply by purchasing his product. In fact, he specifically states that you will need to work put in the work to enjoy the benefits offer with the P90x system.

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