Weight Loss Tips – Lose Weight With Water

To reach the maximum level of body hydration, to wash out the toxins in our body, to cool off, to keep joints working, to help food digestion process, we DRINK WATER!

Everyday, we lose two liters of water from our body through sweating, urination and other bodily function. Thus, it is suggested at least two liters of water we take daily. The body will have dehydration if the water intake is lesser than its use. This is why the dieting professional recommendation on weight loss is refrained from food but not water.

Water makes the metabolism works effectively. Less weight is loss and few calories will burn if we didn’t take enough of water. This is because the process of breaking food down and converting it to energy slow down drastically. Insufficient of water taken is just like “running of fumes”.

If you are dieting and it seems like your weight did not reduce at all, then maybe you are not drinking enough of water. Weight loss process becomes slow when the metabolism is slow. Especially since the exercising become less effective due to the body energy limitation.

Water helps in the process of digestion and the elimination of residues. Too little water taken will lead to constipated and the other problems of intestines. Poor digestion means you did not get enough energy from the food you take. Thus body will ask for more food intake and this is the factor that cause the weight lost process going down slowly. Once again, you’ll start getting fat. You tend to eat more food because the dehydration send outs fake hunger signal.

Besides that, water can play a role as filler. Try to drink a big glass of water half an hour before meal if you want to have little food. You will be surprise that the water will fill the most part of your stomach and you can only feel a little hunger. We did not simply say it, but it has been confirmed by many dietitians and weight loss experts. With the stomach of half full with water, we would not take too much food. Let’s “cut it short this evening”

Bear in mind that do not take 2 liters of water at once. Spread the water intake daily in order to get the best result of drinking enough water. Drinking too much water in a time will turn down the excess and wasted. Besides, water is not just the only choice. You can take fruit juice, weak tea and coffee. These drinks are also counted as liquids to help up the body for hydration.

However, alcohol is a no. it will only bring negative effect on our body. For women who wish to have their weight loss, drinks plenty of water won’t make you retain it. It won’t force the body to hang on to what it is. Remember, it’s not an abundance, but dehydration.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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