Burning Calories and Losing Weight Can Be Enjoyable With the Wii Fit!

The Nintendo Wii Fit sold over 770,000 copies in January 2009. Why was Wii Fit the most popular Video Game? This game outsold all Xbox or PS 3 games combined. Why is an exercise video game the most popular game in the World? Usually, the most popular games are the shoot-em up games, like the ones that the Xbox and PS3 mainly distribute. But for the Nintendo Wii it is an exercise game. The fitness games are so popular because it makes exercising so much more enjoyable. I generally have had no interest in video games – I never played them, until the Nintendo Wii was introduced. With many of the sports games and fitness games that the Nintendo Wii utilizes makes sports fun. I like to use Tiger Woods Golf, Wii Sports, Top Spin 3, etc. These are all games that I play regularly.

Wii Fit actually makes exercise enjoyable It turns exercising into a pleasant game. It is for this reason that many hospitals are using this Nintendo Wii game to rehabilitate stroke victims because it is more enjoyable than the traditional form of rehabilitation. These patients are able to respond right away to changing their center of balance and they actually enjoy playing the mini-games. Many patients will play the mini-games far past their allotted time.

The Nintendo Wii Fit includes exercises in aerobics workout, yoga exercises, strength training, and the balance mini-games. I for the most part do the aerobic workouts. I will do some of the yoga exercises to cool down The balance mini-games are genuinely entertaining , but I actually do not believe that they contribute to as good calorie burning workout as the aerobics exercises. I will play the mini games with my step-children, as these are the only games that they are attracted to.

The chief reason I believe that the Nintendo Wii Fit is indeed outstanding is because it makes exercising more enjoyable. Compare playing this game to the working out in dreary gym for half an hour or working out in the luxury of your own living room. There is no comparison to the Wii Fit and to the drudgery of working out in the gym. I can even watch TV when I am jogging.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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