Weight Bench Workout Routine Charts – Muscle Building Fat Loss Bench Workout

A free workout for just a weight/bench press bench? You got it, here it is.

Free Workout Routine for Weight / Bench Press Bench

You want a workout that targets the whole body to achieve massive fat loss and build a heap of lean muscle in the beginning. This is exactly what this workout provides.

Back squats – 4×10 (just raise up the bench press holds)

Bench press – 4×10

Deadlifts – 4×10

Calf raises – 4×10

Body rows – 4x till failure

Tucking crunches – 4x till failure

Barbell rows – 4×10

Behind neck shoulder press – 4×10

I have put 4×10 for most of the workouts because that is the best number to get a mix of good blubber burning and build muscle, if you are just after muscle building, lower the 10 reps to about five, pick a heavier weight and do more sets, about 5-6.

If you are just after fat loss you would do 2 reps at 10 of a moderately heavy weight and then 2 reps at about 25 with a lighter weight.

Muscle building is all about absolutely working with muscle into oblivion and challenging it to work as hard as possible, losing weight is all about getting your body sweating and huffing and puffing like made, not to say that muscle building and fat loss don’t do both of these sometimes.

If you are serious about your goals, consider finding a coach or trainer who can help you achieve these results, somebody who will guide you step by step to get the exact body you are after.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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