Principles and Ways to Gain Weight Fast

So you want to gain weight fast. What can you do? You have tried all the usual things like force eating, working out every day and lifting heavy weights but nothing seems to work for you, so what is the solution?

The reason why you do not gain weight as fast as you would like is a factor of many things

First you could be over training and if you are overtraining you will not make some muscle mass. The way you can tell if you are over trained is that you do not make gains at all and you feel tired and have no motivation to weight train

To take care of overtraining you will want to take at least two weeks off from training and when you are done you will want to use the correct weight training program. A good bodybuilding program will incorporate the right rest periods, training routines and eating plan.

The key to making a program work is to use the right training intensity. This simply means you need to train as hard as possible in the shortest period of time, this means you need to take all sets to failure. This means you take a set to a point where you can’t complete another repetition despite your hardest effort. If you do this you cannot perform too many sets, the ideal number of sets per body part is 2 and the number of exercises per body part is 3 to 4

The ideal weight training program will have infrequent session, once every weeks I plenty if you are doing full body workouts. This means you should not train any muscle group more than once a week.

Combine all these elements and you have a bodybuilding program that is built to last. You will see muscle gains pretty fast if you use a muscle building program that successfully uses these principles

To give you an example, if you performed a heavy set of bench presses to failure you would not need to perform any chest work until a week later. if you did this you would see that your bench press numbers would go up. If you bench pressed 300lbs and you did just one set and you got 10 repetitions, next week you will be able to bench press 305lbs and you would begin to add size to your chest fast

This is how to train your muscle and this is the best way to gain weight fast

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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