How to Bench Press – Proper Technique and Common Errors

The bench press is one of the most common exercises you see people doing at the gym. The majority of the time most people are performing the bench press with incorrect form. This article will show you exactly how to perform the bench press with proper technique so that you can avoid injuries and maximize your workouts.

Common Errors when Bench Pressing

These are some of the more common errors amateurs and pros make when Bench Pressing:

  • Not wrapping your fingers around the barbell – This is one of the most dangerous mistakes you can make when bench pressing. By not wrapping your fingers around the bar you run the risk of dropping the weight onto your chest.
  • Bringing the bar only halfway to your chest – The whole point of an exercise so to work your whole muscle throughout the rep. The bar should just touch your body. Do not bounce the bar.
  • Feet off the floor – When bench pressing, the kinetic chain goes from your feet, through your torso, and up your arms to your hands. By keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor you will able to lift more weight and be more stable on the bench.

Ok, so now you know some of the most common bench press errors. Lets get into how to perfect your form so that you can lift effectively, efficiently and safely.

The proper form for the bench press

  • Tight upper back – When you bench press you are not only pushing the bar off your chest but you are also pushing yourself into the bench. By keeping your shoulders back and your upperback tight(shoulder blades are together) you create a more stable form against the bench.
  • Proper Head position – Your head should not support any weight. Keep your eyes focused on a point on the ceiling and don’t watch the bar.
  • Feet – Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor.
  • Torso – Keep your torso/core tight and on the bench. Your glutes should not come up off the bench.
  • Hands and Grip – Like I mentioned before, keep the barbell in the lower part of your palm and your thumbs locked around the bar. Keep the bar squeezed firmly throughout the whole exercise.

OK so there you have it. These tips will help you bench press with proper technique while allowing you to get more out of your workout and safely lift more weight.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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