Obey Your Diet Plan

If you’re overweight, you could be prone to social, emotional and health problems. You need to plan a strict diet to aid you through losing weight.

Whether it was written by you or by a professional, a weight loss plan doesn’t have to be too complex or too demanding in tone. Instead of having the plan command you like an army commander, make it your new best friend. Think of it as your coach. A friendly but strict coach. In that way, you won’t feel intimidated by your own rules.

In order to keep in track and attain your goals, your plan should be reasonable and realistic. Make sure your plan is simple and effective so it would be easier for you to do them. If you’re 65 kilos, don’t dream of losing 30 kilos in 30 days. The BMI or Body Mass Index is a good basis if you need to shed pounds or not.

Another factor is your reason behind the plan. If you plan to lose weight just to bring your ex back or make her new partner envy then forget about it. Your objectives should be for your own sake. Don’t let vanity force you to do this. Sooner or later you might realize that your intentions aren’t that helpful which might stop you from continuing the plan.

If you’re planning to write your own, here are things to consider in your plan:

  • Your exercise schedule
  • Ultimate Goal
  • Daily calorie intake
  • List of food you can eat
  • List list of food you can’t eat
  • Journal entries
  • Calendar of Healthy Activities
  • Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Always remember that a plan is not a wishlist. You don’t write a plan just to let it stay in the drawer for ages. A Plan is made to be realistic because you know that you will soon take action. Do everything you have to do to be what you want to be. Respect your plan like how you respect your trainer. Make it happen.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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