Height Weight Chart – Growth of 8 to 12 Months

Your baby is change and grows in different way and creeps traveling along the furniture or maybe even go to 12 months! Along with all this activity come the ability and the beginning of food preferences. These new developments may affect the growth of your child especially his or her weight.

What makes a child which grows this age?

By the time the first birthday cake your child might almost satisfied with his or her weight at birth and grows about 10 inches (25 centimeters). However physical growth slows during the second half of the first year.

Your child’s doctor will continue to monitor growth during routine visits usually envisaged in the 9 months and 1 year of age.

I should be interested?

Problems of parents on the growth often focus on eating habits. Does your skinny child – picky eater? You are worried that your child does not get enough to eat? Opportunities – that everything is fine. Most babies eat enough to satisfy their hunger which in most cases is enough to supply them with energy in which they need.

Your child’s weight length and the home circle were measured from birth and trained to chart the growth of your child’s doctor. It’s – is where you should start looking if you have any questions about how your child responds. When you are looking at the chart the growth of their child to the doctor make sure to compare the growth of your child with his or her own pattern of growth not with the growth of other babies. While the growth of your child is stable there is probably no reason to worry.

If you really notice the growth which slows down or decrease in weight consider these questions:

* Has your child been sick? A few days not eating particularly if combined with vomiting or diarrhea can lead to weight loss which will be returned when he or she will feel better.

* Does your child is in motion? The Crawling traveling and going all burn many calories so weight gain could not be so great with this new mobility.

* Your child has just more interested in playing Pacifica or decrease spoon on the floor than eating? World – A fascinating place and your child learn new things each day. Keep diverting at least during meal times and pay attention to cues that he or she had eaten enough.

* You enter the right kinds of products? Since your child is getting better at eating you can begin to pay more attention to the structure and diversity of products that he or she eats. If your child is not interested in baby food more as a representation of soft products table and finger food that is safe and fun?

Although the growth rate actually slowed down between 8 and 12 months your child should continue to follow his or her own growth curve. Talk with your child’s doctor if you have any growth-related problems.

What about the total child?

Plump may be old-fashioned “ideal” child but the child who receives weight quickly is cause for concern. Heavy infants are more likely to be overweight later in life so consider began a pattern of gluttony and inactivity.

Never give up the babies but pay attention to the cues your child that he or she is full. Also:

* Make sure that your child’s calories come from nutritious sources – like fruits vegetables and fortified cereals – rather than sweets and junk food.

* Make sure that your child is not drinking high calorie soft drinks or too much juice.

* Play with your child to encourage physical activity making sure he / she has a safe place to move to.

* Limit the amount of time spent in the automotive field tramps and playpen.

As a parent one of the best things you can do for your child should eat well and be physically active themselves. Does your child have a better chance of growing suitable if good health habits – part of the lifestyle of the family? Moreover you will be a good role model for your little one but you will really enjoy the energy of life with your child (and fortitude to pursue after him or her).

If you are concerned your baby weighs more than the normal ask the doctor for your child advice.

What is next?

Is not it hard to believe that a year has passed? In 12 short months your baby has grown from a tiny baby whom you might rocked in the cradle in one hand and the baby in motion. Between 12 and 24 months your child will only grow by about 4 inches (10.2 centimeters). Though physical growth has slowed expect big

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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