How to Easily Build Upper Chest Muscles

There are many exercises you can do in order to build upper chest muscles. I will take you through some of the post effective ones so you can start building a big chest in the fastest time possible.

1. Light bench presses. Start out by doing this. You need to get the blood flowing to your chest, but you don’t want to over-do it. Start out slow, with a comfortable weight. Make sure you stretch before lifting heavy weights in order to prevent any injury.

2. Execute the bench press- The flat bench press is the most effective workout in order to build strong upper chest muscles. Not only will it build your upper chest, but also your shoulders and arms.

3. Incline bench press- This particular form of exercise will build the mass of your upper chest. Incline bench presses are very important and should be included in your exercise routine.

4. Dumbbell flies- Another important exercise for building the upper chest is by using dumbbells. Although this isn’t a mass building exercise like the incline bench press, it is a muscle shaper exercise and will make your muscles look more defined. Its an effective exercise because it focuses mainly on the chest muscles.

Those are some of the main exercises to get you started on building your upper chest muscles. This can be done if you stick to the exercises properly. Another factor which is going to build your muscles is your diet. This is extremely important. If you aren’t eating right, then your muscles will not look as big as they could be. You need to be feeding your muscles! The proper diet includes high protein, high complex carbohydrates and low fat.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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