Encourage Activity and Physical Fitness Within Family Members

Exercise is extremely important both to you and the whole family. Children who do not get enough physical exercise tend to grow as obese individuals. Your part as a parent is to encourage your partner and your kids to be on the move as often as possible. Think of activities you can do in order to get them going and go the backyard to enjoy.

One way to motivate children is to get them involved in friendly competitions. This will give them the chance to show off their skills and talents and get into action at the same time. You can do simple ones such as ball-catching or maybe some parlor games that involve dancing. Your goal here is to get them moving.

Go crazy if your activity involves dancing and running around. This time your goal is to get them laughing. You can share jokes with one another or sing silly songs and recite nonsense rhymes for a good laugh. A good laugh is as much as effective as a good exercise so go all out.

Learn a new sport or activity with your family. Pick out something that arouses the interests and hones the leadership ability of the kids like martial arts. Martial arts have a lot of benefits for kids. You can also try aerobics and let them lead exercise routines from time to time. This will give them confidence to discover what they can do and to what limit they can do them.

Call in the neighbors sometimes and let them join you in your family bonding time. You’ll have a lot of options for activities this way. Friendly sports can come in very handy as you can team up against each other for a game of basketball or football. Playing time just gets more exciting this way.

You can even assign a specific day of the week for you guys to play one of your kid’s favorite hobby or sports activity – badminton, volleyball for the girls and basketball or even baseball for the boys. These are very activities that will not only keep the whole family moving but also develop deeper relationship among each other.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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