Getting Physically Fit

Most people would love to be in good shape, but for various reasons they are not. Some cannot be in good condition because of health issues or hereditary problems. Advanced age or hectic schedules keep many from working out regularly. For some, a lack of knowledge prevents them from getting in shape. Whatever your reasons and present state may be, attend to the areas treated in this article, and you will be well on your way to getting physically fit.

Strength Training

First, proper strength training is a must. Strength training requires doing exercises and activities that develop good strength levels in all your major muscle groups. Balanced development of opposing muscle groups is vital, and good technique must be used to get the proper results. Lack of proper strength will prevent you from getting the most out of the rest of your routine, increase the risk of injuries, and make nearly all physical work that you do less efficient.

Developing your muscular system does not have to mean long hours in a gym on many days of each week. Even one well designed workout a week provides significant benefits if consistently maintained. To see maximum results from your workouts, regularly vary your routine and take occasional time off from strength training. Few things will help you more in getting physically fit than strength training will.

Aerobic Exercise

Second, regular aerobic exercise is necessary for getting physically fit. Walking briskly for even one mile five to six days a week will go a long way toward increasing your stamina. Alternate activities to get the most out of your workouts and to lessen the chances of overuse injuries. Choose the time and location of your workouts carefully to prevent excessive exposure to the sun and other environmental factors that may adversely affect your health, especially over time.

Doing aerobics helps more than just your cardiovascular system-your brain will also profit greatly from regular exercise! Your body will also eliminate waste more efficiently, and your chances of developing many serious diseases, such as diabetes and cancer, will likely be lower.


Third, getting physically fit requires consistently stretching the muscles of your entire body. Regular stretching does wonders for making all your movements smoother and maximizes the benefits of your strength training and aerobics. Good flexibility is necessary for preventing many common injuries and health issues, especially lower back problems.

Use good technique to prevent injuries from your stretching. Be sure you are warmed up before doing a lot of stretching and take care not to stretch too far, too fast, or too hard. Watch out for stretches that put your back, neck, or knees at risk.


Fourth, getting physically fit involves properly nourishing your body both in general and also specifically before, during, and after exercise. You must be properly hydrated to be healthy. Adequate carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake are important. Avoid fad diets religiously. Eat only as much as you need to satisfy your hunger; eating until you are full will hinder your efforts to be fit.

Drink appropriate fluids before, during, and after your workout. Ensure adequate carbohydrate intake prior to your workout so that you will have enough energy to workout well. Restoring lost nutrients after working out is a must, and using extra antioxidants after hard activities may help you recover faster.

Other Areas

Finally, getting physically fit depends upon proper attention to a number of other areas of life. Sound injury prevention and management as well as effective stress management is vital. Develop and maintain proper balance. Make sure your shoes are in good shape and properly support your feet. Use properly designed and fitting exercise attire and accessories. Vary your routine periodically for better conditioning.

Keep good records of your workouts to help you stay motivated as well detect problems over time with your workouts. Do things that you enjoy so that your chances of staying with your program will be higher. Other ways to improve your exercise adherence include finding an exercise buddy, listening to music, and participating occasionally in competitive activities at levels appropriate to your fitness status.

Getting physically fit is worth it. Go to it and be healthy!

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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