Disadvantage Of Free Weights And Strength Equipment

According to fitness experts, a good physical fitness program should be a combination of aerobic exercises and strength training. Strength training involves improvement of muscle mass and bone density. However, many people are confused about which weight training method is better. Free weights and strength training machines each have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Mentioned below are some of the disadvantages of each method.

Chances of getting injured are significantly high in case of free weight method. You can hurt yourself either due to dropping weights accidentally on any of the body parts or due to improper balance while doing exercises. You should be technically correct while exercising with free weights. Or else, the results can be potentially dangerous. It is important to have a qualified instructor around so as to ensure proper technique and avoid the risk of injury. Another disadvantage of free weights is that one needs the help and assistance of a “spotter” or a lifting partner while lifting weights during squat or bench press.

The most significant disadvantage of strength machines is that they are really expensive. Apart from this, weight training equipments are not suitable for every body type. These machines are designed for an average size person with minimal seat adjustments. Due to inflexible design of equipments, exercise can be frustrating for persons who are either taller or shorter than the so-called average height. Most machines available in the market have limited functions and are suited only for strengthening specific types of muscles. It is difficult to strengthen stabilizer muscles using strength equipment. Another disadvantage of strength machines is that they are large and as a result they tend to occupy more space.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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