Buying Property in Mandria, Cyprus

One of the hottest areas to buy property in Cyprus at the moment has to be in Mandria. The small village sits peacefully nestled on the Mediterranean Sea, only 15 minutes outside of Paphos, 5 minutes from the Paphos airport and 25 minutes away from Limassol.

As you enter the village you are met with a shady tree lined street. You immediately notice how different this village is from others in Cyprus. The village square is still small but is at times packed with cars that brought people that regularly patronize the two popular village taverns. Almost anyone that has stayed in the Paphos district for some time knows about the delicious food they serve and the live entertainment on the weekends.

The main reason why Mandria is so attractive is that it still has so much land on the sea front that is not developed. There are acres of land being farmed by the Cypriot refugees who owned land in the now occupied north and are now leasing the land from the government to farm. This provides the village with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables year round. As you walk around the many quiet roads, paths and beach front trails you are surrounded by orange, lemon, fig and prickly pear trees in addition to potatoes, cucumbers, onions and even peanuts. Every year the village has its annual peanut festival with lots of food, drinks and of course peanuts.

Around the village there are numerous nice walking paths that range from hilly side streets to beach front trails. In Cyprus, there are not always paved paths to use jogging strollers or roller blades but in Mandria, although these things are a novelty, they are used by residents. Bicyclists often travel through Mandria and stop at one of the local taverns.

All amenities are fairly close to Mandria while there are plans for more conveniences such as a large supermarket close by, a marina in Mandria Bay and the American Academy School less than 5 minutes away. Already in Mandria there are services such as a community center, postal services, a small shop, a kiosk, an Elementary school and a petrol station.

The village is nice mix of old time charm and modernism that makes it unique and a popular place to live. So if you are thinking of relocating in Cyprus or moving to our wonderful island make sure you pass through Mandria and consider it!

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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