How Does Your Dressing Affect Your Personality?

Fashion needs no age boundary and has no proper definition as yet. Everybody sets the trend of their own and choose what they feel comfortable in. Later, this is what is seen as style. After all, everyone has a right to look good. Whereas some people might like to keep it simple with blank apparel, others might want to catch attention and wear something that is striking and catchy like a rhinestone shirt. Whatever might be the case; your dress creates a great impact on the people around you and depicts your true personality.

Your dressing is all about paying respect to the people around you. Whatever you wear in your house or indoors make no difference. You can wander around wearing anything sloppy or just anything you are comfortable in. Yet, when you have to go out, you just cannot work with a dirty look. The way you look gives people an opportunity to draw a conclusion about you and your true personality. In order to give a good picture to the people around you, you have to respect them and their views. Thus, you should put up good attire.

How you dress depends on the location you are heading to. How you may dress for work may be totally different from what you might wear for a friend’s night out. When you are at work, your attire depicts a lot about you. Whatever you do, you have to stay formal. This is how you pay respect to your co workers as well as your head. Men should have their cuffs always buttoned, and their ties should never be hanging loose. Women on the other hand should also take a lot of care when they dress up for work. Even though the summers would trim down the cuts you normally wear, but at work it is important to be modest. You can wear a skirt but not a very short one. Wearing revealing clothes will give an image of you being flirtatious or wanting to acquire some benefits through the way you dress.

Similarly, the way you dress should largely be according to your own body physique. A skinny person wearing jumpers or loose outfits will look like a total fashion disaster, so would an obese person wearing something that shows more and more of his/her body fat. Rather than going for what looks good on everybody, select what suits you and your body type the most.

Lastly, the key is to put up some enhancers in your attire. These can include accessories that complement your total attire in all ways possible. However, this makes a lot of difference with what you are selecting to wear. Imagine wearing a brightly colored dress that shimmers as you stand in the sunshine, add to that a lot of gold jewelry. You will definitely look like a total weirdo! Therefore, it is important to accessorize yourself according to your dressing. Also your dressing might be affected by your geographical location. Everything you wear might not be accepted with a warm welcome in different parts of the world. The key is to keep your attire close to the culture and customs of that place. All in all, whatever you wear, make it classy and impressive and suitable according to your comfort level.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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