What is the Significance of Physical Fitness?

In the past years, physical fitness was attributed only to workers whose jobs required high muscular and cardiovascular endurance such as the members of armed forces. But this phenomenon had changed across time. The change began when modern era began and high technology started to improve the quality of life. However, it was very alarming to find out that in a modern world problems related to the growing number of epidemics, high mortality rates, short life spans, disease-stricken countries and many more still took their tolls.

These problems propelled different organizations to launch programs that would encourage people from all over the world to practice healthy lifestyles which would lead them to become healthy in all aspects. The massive response over the mentioned problems indicates that people from all over the world have already taken seriously the importance of physical fitness.

Physical fitness, simply put, is being physically sound and healthy. It is about having a body that is free from diseases due to the essential nutrients that are taken in that results to having well functioning body systems. Aside from taking the essential nutrients, physical fitness can also be achieved by taking exercises regularly which improves blood circulation, eliminates excess fats, and fights away harmful microorganisms that may come inside the body.

The realization about the importance of physical has been brought by societal changes. This realization has also created some fads which last until now. These fads are very evident in the world of fashion and entertainment world. Celebrities from different countries endorse different diet plans which make them slim, even skinny. These people who are being idolized encourage ordinary people to take diet programs not only to become healthy, but to become slim also. The world of fashion has been producing clothes which emphasize the need for fitness in order to look fashionable. Fashionability is most of the time associated only with people who have slender bodies.

These fads are too costly for people with no fat paychecks every month. Moreover, some diet programs can only make people slim and hardly healthy. Hence, nutritionists and health conscious ordinary people have started to bring into the consciousness of people the healthful properties of natural foods which contain vital nutrients essential to the body. Fortunately, this campaign has generated benefits on people who are too tired of the lies advertised by man-made food manufacturers.

Working out has also become habit of many people. This explains the establishment of numerous gyms in different cities. Taking exercises has been proven to increase endurance of muscles and cardiovascular system as well as improve the functioning of body systems. There are a lot of body exercises due to the number of exercise equipment being invented and the number of people who created exercise regimens. One famous exercise is fitness ball exercise which makes use of a large ball to work out the abs, upper trunk and the like. Some gyms are well organized that they require those who want to enter and use the equipment to become members first. One example of it is GoodLife Fitness which has 159 clubs that offer the needed exercises for every member.

The importance of physical fitness may have generated money for some, but it has undoubtedly benefitted a lot as more and more people are becoming healthy which is evident in their longer life spans.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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