Some Wonderful Exercises to Develop the Upper Body Muscles

A lean and muscular upper body is a symbol of strength, power and youth. Strengthening the upper body muscles is important to not only look attractive, healthy and fit, but to stay confident and young as well. There are different exercises that focus on building lean and strong upper body mass. The most effective upper body exercises work your shoulders, abdominal muscles, arms, chest and upper back. It is important to keep in your mind that workout and training sessions are just one aspect of building your body mass and you need to include a solid diet plan in your daily routine to get your dream upper body muscles.

Deadlifts can play a very important role in developing your upper body muscles. This wonderful exercise works your forearms, traps, biceps, shoulders as well as your hips, glute, thigh and back muscles. Moreover, a recent study revealed that this exercise also promotes the release of growth hormone in your body. Chin ups is another good exercise to build your upper body muscles especially biceps and wings. Push ups is a great exercise for developing chest, biceps and front shoulder muscles. This exercise makes use of your own body weight to develop your upper body muscles.

Military or shoulder press is another wonderful exercise to build your triceps, front and side shoulders. To start this exercise, stand upright with your arms bent and dumbbells at your shoulder level. Now, slowly raise the weight above your head without locking your elbows. Continue to raise the weight until your arms are straight and then slowly bring the dumbbells back to their starting position.

Bench press is considered as an excellent exercise for developing your biceps, triceps, front shoulder and chest muscles. In order to do this exercise, lay flat on your back on a bench. If you are using a barbell to do this exercise, slowly extend your arms in order to push the barbell from your chest away from you. Now, slowly bring the barbell back to its starting position. With dumbbells, you can start with each dumbbell at either shoulder. Now, slowly bring them together in front of you by straightening your arms. Close grip bench press is a great exercise for building your triceps. To do this exercise, sit on a bench and grab the bar about your shoulder width. Now, lower the bar to your chest level. Make sure that your arms are parallel to your body and you use your triceps for the lift.

Bent-Over Rows is considered as one of the best exercises to build your upper body muscles and it works your deltoids, upper back and forearms. Parallel bar dips are great for building strength and size of triceps, chest and shoulders. To begin this exercise, jump up on the bar and proceed by grabbing it at about your shoulder width. Lean forward and lower your body until you reach a 90 degree angle between your upper body and your arms.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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