PTSD Emotions Fall Away Like A Leper Physique

The great thing about finally healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is that not only unwanted emotions fall away, but things in our life and environment. These include our relationships that were one-sided and not giving anything in return. They may have been from people who just suck out our energy. After visiting with us they are renewed, but we are wearied. There are actually terms for this kind of relationship energy stealing. We can refer to them as “parasitic beings, psychic parasites, drug entities, thought forms, psychic mechanisms, psychic implants, cords, curses, spells, hexes, psychic-robots, limiters, any kind of black magic, psychotropic influences, cosmic evil,” as my Reiki teacher has identified and shared. It would give me great pleasure to state his full name (when asked.)

Having experienced one of the worst ice and snow seasons in the New York area, (and across the country in spots) I came to a realization. I watched my properties falling prey to the harsh winter elements (gutters falling off and tearing the exterior wood panels from my Duplex house) along with it seeming to be raining inside the houses through the walls and doors. This is an outward sign of getting rid of what was corroded and not working in my home and business environment. It, also, reflected the dropping away of my own negative emotions caused from twice experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a type of poetic paring of circumstances with the healing process.

When viewed as such, it inspires a deeper sense of spirituality. Once we become too comfortable in our circumstances (like laying in bed all warm and cozy not wanting to get dressed and face the snowstorm) we are stunting growth possibilities. There are consequences for our inertia in that we become snowed in, per say, but in our mind, emotions, and spiritual progress. By having all those mishaps described from my Duplex’s snow and ice damage, it made a way to improve my property. I was even given financial support through my insurance company. It is as if the power of the Universe was scraping away (like a leper’s skin) at the decay inside and out of my life. Given a new outlook on what was termed a disaster, really is part of the healing and progressive process.

As the ice began to melt away externally, it revealed what was needed to fall away in order to become renewed (in home and spirit.)

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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