Planning Ahead For a Speedy Backyard Pool Opening

If you have the luxury of having a pool in your backyard, it’s no secret that opening it every year can be quite the hassle. Just like any other project, when you keep putting it off – it just gets worse and you end up creating more work for yourself in the long run. If you find that you’re not even getting around to opening your pool for the season until summer is halfway over – it might be time to get organized for the next time around. It’s never too early to start thinking ahead, especially when it comes to your home, so making a list of things you need to get done ahead of time will help you prevent your pool from opening a little too late in the season.

First things first – making sure that your pool is covered during the off season is extremely important. If you haven’t invested in a cover, it’s an absolute must. This will keep leaves and other debris (and even animals) from getting into the pool and causing you a lot of extra work when it comes time to open it for the season. Another great precautionary step to take is to clean your filter out whenever you close the pool at the start of fall. It will not only cut down on the amount of work you’ll have to do at the start of year, but it will prevent any debris that may be in the filter from causing any damage to it while it sits in there during the off season. By taking any steps you can whenever you close the pool to get things cleaned up, you won’t have to do much at the start of the season when you and your family are anxious to get the pool up and running.

Another great step you can take is to purchase all of your chemicals and supplies at the close of the year before. Many pool supply stores will have an annual end of the year sale, so even though you may not need them now – you can buy them at a discounted rate so you have them ready for the next year. Opening the pool is something that would be ideal to get done in one day, and saving yourself trips to the store is something that will definitely speed the process up. By making a list during the course of the year of all the chemicals and supplies that you need, you’ll be able to stock up and not have to worry about suddenly realizing you forgot about something. The end of the year is also a great time to pick up discounted pool toys for the kids since they can often get worn out during the course of the season.

When adding chemicals to your pool, don’t jump the gun and start adding chlorine and other chemicals to the water. Although you may think you’re doing the job, you may be creating more work for yourself. You can end up staining your pools surface or doing serious damage to it by going overboard. Although the pool opening process may seem tedious and you’re just anxious to get things done – the water chemistry is very important. Making sure that the pool water sits for about half a day before anyone goes in is also a good precautionary step to take. The average homeowner isn’t typically a chemist – so if you have questions, make a list and take it to your local pool supply store. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the water chemistry of your pool. Asking an expert is your best bet in any situation.

So if you’re looking to close your pool down for the year, don’t throw the cover on and stop there. By taking a little extra time to take care of things now, you’ll be glad that you did once the warmer months roll around. The whole point of having a pool in your backyard is to be able to enjoy it. By making sure that you get the most out of your pool in the summertime, both you and your family will be glad that you planned ahead.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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