How to Get Pecs – 3 Skinny Guy Tips to Build Big Pecs

A common request among skinny guys is wanting to know how to get pecs and build a bigger chest. After all, it’s pretty embarrassing going to the beach or pool and feeling that inevitable dread as you take your shirt off, to reveal a skinny, bony chest.

We all know that the ladies like a muscular barreled chest – it shows a man is confident, strong and powerful, and in this article I’m going to show you 3 muscle building tips to show skinny guys how to get pecs and turn heads the next time you’re at the beach.

How To Get Pecs #1 – Focus On Compound Exercises

The secret to building muscle is performing weight training workouts that are focused around a core of compound exercises. These exercises work multiple muscle groups at once, thereby stimulating more muscle fibre per exercise – and the more muscle you stimulate, the faster it grows.

When focusing on your chest muscles, perform exercises such as Bench Press, Push-ups, and Dumbbell Flyes. These exercises are great for building your chest, but also work your shoulders and back for better overall development. The push-ups should be performed with feet on the floor and also elevated on an exercise ball to mix it up a little and build better quality muscle.

How To Get Pecs #2 – Use Free Weights Rather Than Machines

A common mistake many skinny guys make when they step into the gym is an over-reliance on the weight machines and little attention paid to the free weights. My big gripe with machines is they typically only work your muscles through one axis and thereby limit your development.

You will get much bigger and stronger pectoral muscles by using free weights (dumbbells and barbells) since they force you to use stabilizing muscles to hold the weight throughout the exercise.

How To Get Pecs #3 – Change Up Your Workout To See Better Overall Development

Another reason why many skinny guys fail in their quest of how to get pecs is due to the fact that their workout is stale.

To see consistent muscle gains you need to be changing up your routine on a regular basis so that your muscles never “get used to” the training. This forces your body to constantly adapt, and with adaptation comes growth.

In terms of a chest workout, I would recommend that you change up your exercises to reflect the different parts of your pectoral muscles.

For example:

  • Inclining the bench on the Bench Press will help to develop the upper chest and shoulders; declining it will develop the lower chest
  • Changing hand grips from wide to close can work the inner chest more than the outer chest.
  • Performing your exercises on an exercise ball will cause you to work on your balance and help to define more of the minor muscles that make up the pecs.

This will mean better-looking chest muscles and faster and consistent muscle growth.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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