How These Classic Exercises Can Add Pure Muscle and Burn Fat Rapidly!

9 Week Power Regime

There’s no substitute for hard work!!!

The beauty of this routine is its a mixture of the major compound exercises, that incorporate all muscles groups for maximum fat stripping and testosterone release, as well as being fairly quick, so you can fit your isolate exercises (i.e. biceps and shoulders) around this routine for maximum muscle building efficiency. There are three exercises that are commonly known as the power-lifts, these consist of Bench Press, Dead-lift and Squats and are used to judge power competitors strength all over the world. These are the exercises we will be concentrating on, but the difference is the weight and reps ratio used will be tailored to not only increase strength massively but also cut muscle by dramatically burning fat.

Now to the meat of the routine, it will require you to do this routine a least twice per week and is split into 3 week cycles, first being the cycle of lower weight higher reps training on the per-mentioned power exercises, this will get your muscles conditioned to these disciplines and add endurance to all the major muscle groups in preparation for the more explosive routines in the later cycles. In order for this cycle to work you will need to find a comfortable weight on each discipline that you can lift for around 15 reps without failing (exhausting the body), this as I stated is to condition the muscles and also allow you to master technique using a weight your comfortable with. To emphasize this I’m going to list my weight/reps ratio for every cycle, however bear in mind this will not be the ratio your going to use, that will take some experimenting on your behalf.

Cycle 1 (Low weight/High Reps):

Bench Press- 80kg / 15 reps x3 sets

Dead-lift- 100kg / 12 reps x 3 sets

Squat- 110kg / 15 reps x 3 sets

Now its important to remember that these are tailored for my exercise program and you would need to work out your weights for each cycle, it would either be higher or lower depending on your strength level. The important aspect to take from this is, you need a weight that you can safely lift with in these rep ranges. Cycle 2 is the other end of the scale, now should by now have realized your 3-4 rep max on each discipline and guess what? That’s the range cycle 2 will concentrate on. This cycle makes your body adapt to become powerfully explosive and focuses on strength, it also will actually blitz any stubborn fat around your abs and obliques, which in turn will allow you to get those mirror abs out twice as quickly.

The principle of this cycle is to try to increase your weight every training session, even if its only by 2.5kg every time. At the end of the three weeks you want to try to be hitting your ultimate 3 rep max, you may find that you by the end of the cycle you can lift 10-15kg above what you started to push at the beginning of the cycle. again I will give you a brief description of my session for this cycle.

Cycle 2 (High weight/ Low reps):

Session 1-

Bench Press- 125kg / 3 reps

Dead-lift- 150kg / 3 reps

Squat- 165kg / 4 reps

Session 4-

Bench Press- 132.5kg / 3 reps

Dead-lift- 157.5 / 3 reps

Squat- 175kg / 3 reps

As you can clearly see the rep ranges are staying almost constant but the weight has increased as your body adapts to the amount of weight your pushing. Something to remember is that you may not see progressions as quickly as described or even at all, but don’t worry the focus is not necessarily about lifting heavy, its more about lifting your max weight and building explosive power. Again, this needs to be done at least 2 times a week for 3 weeks!

By this point if you continue to run your usual routines along side this phenomenal power training, then you should be stronger across the board and have started to see the result through bigger, broader more defined muscles. Here comes the kicker that will send your gains over the edge, cycle 3, which will combine both cycles to reach what is known as ‘hypertrophy’. Hypertrophy is strength and endurance combined to give you the ultimate muscle building zone of training, which with the previous cycles should give you unbelievable gains and make you stronger than you have ever been. The rep range for this cycle is 6 -10 reps per exercise and the weight is medium around 80-85{2dd333ed9c7b2074fdfda098a56357c21ab487243e335d9241a31e34dbd5cf30} of your maximum push, this may sound tough but the previous cycles should have prepared you for the hard graft of hypertrophy, again the same with the last cycle try to increase the weight every session or at least, every week. This will push your body and keep you guessing all the way to the end of the cycle. I have again recorded my sessions to give you a clue to how to construct yours.

Cycle 3 (Medium weight / 8-10 reps):

Session 1-

Bench Press- 115kg / 9 reps

Dead-lift- 125kg / 8 reps

Squat- 150 / 10 reps

Session 4-

Bench Press- 120kg / 8 reps

Dead-lift- 132.5kg / 8 reps

Squat- 157.5kg / 9 reps

That folk’s is the 9 week training program in a nut shell, and believe me the gains you see from this routine are UNREAL!!!! You however, need to put in the work and stay consistent with your training all the way through the 9 week course to see the ultimate gains. This coupled with your isolate training and a high protein diet will transform your body into an Explosive Powerhouse!!!

If you need any more information there’s a brilliant book on power training, I suggest you pick it up as it was the book that inspired me to change my own workouts and the workouts I use for my clients. It revolves around getting into specific hypertrophy zones in order to get the strong, LEAN muscles that all people who train are searching for!!!

Visual Impact Muscle Building!!!

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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