Does ISO7X Work – What Every Consumer Should Know About the ISO7X

In case you have been trying to find out “does the ISO7X work”, then you’ll definitely want to browse through every last word in this article since at the end of the short article you will find out the real truth about if isometrics and the ISO7X will help you get a sculpted and muscular physique.

In this brief article we are gonna touch upon the three most frequently asked questions about “does the ISO7X work.”

1. “Can the ISO7X and isometrics help me build a ripped and muscular body with just the 7 however, second exercise movement that they advertise on TV?”

This is a great question and probably the one that is most often asked about this product. The fact of the matter is that isometrics has been around for centuries. It was first used by many of the Chinese martial arts like Wu Shu and kung fu.

In fact, Bruce Lee the martial artist and movie star who starred in such movies as, Enter the Dragon, The Green Hornet, The Chinese Connection and many others, used mostly isometric exercises to help him build his lean, muscular and ripped body that you saw on the silver screen.

Many other Olympic athletes and sports teams have used isometrics to help them get that slight edge to win. Many NFL football teams have use isometrics as part of their strength training programs.

One of the most notable was the Green Bay Packers back in the 1960s. It is because of their strength and conditioning program among many things, that enabled the Green Bay Packers to win so many Super Bowl victories. The strength producing results of isometrics has been documented by individuals that have achieved outstanding success using it, among these are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alexander Zass, Charles Atlas, Bob Hoffman who created the isometric power rack and many others.

In addition, isometric exercise has been scientifically validated by Drs. Hettinger and Mueller from the Max Planck Institute in Germany; back in the 1950s. The second most frequently asked question in relationship to “does the ISO7X work?” Is…

2. “Is the 7X the best isometric exerciser on the market today?”

Many individuals that have seen the 7X infomercial have asked themselves the very same question listed above. The reality is that the ISO7X is really just a different version of an old isometric exerciser that was called the Tensolator.

Later on it was renamed and is now sold under the name Bullworker or its newly redesigned cousin the Bully Xtreme 4. Both these exercise devices are very similar to the ISO7X except that they offer a longer warranty (the only warranty we can find on the ISO7X is a 30 day money back guarantee) and that they use steel cables instead of cloth straps.

The reason behind using steel cables is that straps will fray and break over time. Of course, steel cables will last forever or just about.

3. “Does the 7X offer a good training program?”

This is one of the best questions we have found on the Internet. You see, the exercise device is not responsible for building your muscle size and strength. In reality, it’s the training program along with a proper diet that will help you successfully achieve your fitness goals. The 7X training program consists of performing an exercise for only 7 seconds. And then you move on to the next exercise.

That is the basics of all isometric exercises.

In that sense there is nothing revolutionary or breakthrough about the ISO 7X training program. They do provide you with a wall chart that illustrates how to perform these exercises. Unfortunately, you are limited to only 30 different exercises that you can do with this unit.

In contrast, the Bully Xtreme 4 allows you to perform more than 82 gym like exercises. And I believe the Bullworker classic allows you to perform up to 40 exercises. Now you might be wondering why we are talking about the number of exercises that you can perform with each piece of isometric exercise equipment… Right?

The answer is that after a while no matter how gung ho you are about working out, you will become bored with doing the same exercises over and over again. The more exercises that you can perform with your isometric exerciser the greater the likelihood that you’ll continue working out.

In conclusion, to answer the question raised in this article “does the ISO7X work,” the answer is very simple. Isometrics does work and has been used successfully in the past however, before you go ahead and plunk down your hard-earned cash on the ISO7X isometric exerciser check out the Bullworker steel bow and the Bully Xtreme 4. In my opinion, these two products are well worth the few extra dollars that you have to invest.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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