Branded Short and Long Sleeve Crewnecks Return To The Spotlight

At one point, men’s fashion made a shift toward minimalism. Scandinavian style trends began to influence the global men’s market. Gone were bright colors, bold logos, and most of the industry’s excitement. But the last few years have seen a return to risk-taking and adventure in men’s fashion. The last six months have given birth to the return of branded crew necks in both short and long-sleeve variations. Fashion hipsters and general fans alike are no longer afraid to show their loyalty to their favorite brands. Logos are back, and they’re back in a big way.

Perhaps the fashion industry owes this return to branding to the music industry. Stars like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Beyoncé have transformed their concert merchandise into legit streetwear pieces. And fans are willing to spend top dollar for them. The product is heavily branded but has a very contemporary feel. So fans are just as comfortable rocking a Purpose Tour tee in everyday life as they are at a concert.

Capitalizing on this trend, several designers have unleashed branded tees on the market. Though the market momentarily shifted, Armani Exchange always stayed true to its vision with bold, globally recognized logos on almost all of its merchandise. And whether you’re interested in luxury fashion or mass-market designs, you can find a branded tee to suit your needs.

On the luxury side, Hugo Boss and Burberry have crafted striking, modern designs that effectively evoke the essence of their brands while managing to stay right in step with popular trend. Brands like Hollister and G-star offer equally stylish yet more affordable alternatives.

Though wearing a logo tee seems simple enough, a few easy style guidelines can help ensure you avoid the pitfalls of bad fashion. It’s of utmost importance to make sure the logo represents you. If your style is understated and classic, choose a tee that falls in line with your aesthetic. Skip the bright colors and opt for something minimalistic. But if you’re a peacock, pick something BOLD. Avoid neutral colors and go for splashes of richer hues. Opt for bigger letters or designs. Regardless of style preference, you can find something that perfectly suits you.

Branded tees will almost always come in crewneck styles. If a branded v-neck is an option, skip it. A crew neck will frame your neck much better than any v-neck can. Choose a size that works as an advocate for your physique. Pick something that’s slim but not so tight it suffocates you. Choose a length that never hits above or below your hips. And be sure to choose a sleeve length that falls in the middle of your arm. A sleeve that’s too long will make you look like you’re in your big brother’s shirt. One that’s too short will make you look like you shrunk your shirt in the wash.

It’s clear that branded tees are back and bigger than ever. You should definitely indulge, but be sure to grab a tee that suits your overall aesthetic and showcases your physique in the best light.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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