Big Arm Muscles – Get Huge Ripped Arms With These Tricep and Bicep Exercises

Biceps are probably the most overworked muscle in the arm, this is no bad thing of course. The bad thing comes when the biceps are trained at the cost of any tricep training.

To really get big arm muscles you need to be working out both your biceps and your triceps.

The best workout for getting yourself big arm muscles is to perform a high intensity circuit of bicep exercises and tricep exercises.

Here is one I would recommend to beginners:

First up hit the biceps. You are going to want to perform standing dumbbell curls with a weight with which you are able to do between 8 and 10 reps.

Once you have completed the standing dumbbell curls then you should get into doing preacher curls. These preacher curls should be done for the same number of reps but should be used with a slightly lighter weighted dumbbell.

Remember once you have completed your reps to alternate your arm and perform the same reps with your opposite arm.

These two bicep exercises put back to back should be enough to increase your bicep size.

But don’t rest just yet, you still need to work those triceps so you get full arm growth.

Now you are going to want to perform overhead tricep extensions again at a weight were you can do 8-10 reps for.

Once you are done with this you are going to get down into Tricep Dips, either on a dipping machine or on the edge of a bench.

Here you will perform as many repetitions as you can until you stop.

And that’s it, hopefully with this workout your biceps and triceps are going to feel it big time. If you find you start to get through this easily then throw in an additional superset, such as concentration curls, tricep extensions etc. Use your imagination!

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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