3 Body Types – Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph

Ever wondered why some people can eat absolutely anything and never put on weight while certain others can get fat just by the smell of chocolates and cookies. Well the answer to this lies in the body type of each individual.

Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph are the three body types and these are largely responsible for the way your body stores and burns fat. If you want to know more about your body type, read on.

Get to know your Type

Most fitness trainers and bodybuilding centers use the general body type classification to assess individual needs and fitness goals. Your body type is based on your bone structure and body frame. Therefore, each type reacts differently to exercise and nutrition. To get the maximum benefits out of your exercise routine and your diet, you need to know your body type.

Ectomorph – The Skinny Guys

Do you feel like a skinny bag of bones and your chest is as flat as the floor you walk on? If the answer to this is yes, you belong to the Ectomorph Body type.

The Ectomorphs are lean, thin and skinny with small bones, slender joints and muscles. They have a fragile, delicate and linear physique. Ectomorphs are not naturally powerful and need to work really hard to build muscles and gain strength. They have a superfast metabolism of which they can eat all day yet never gain weight.

Basic Ectomorphic Features

* Delicate & Fragile Build * Flat Chest * Lean Physique * Lightly Muscled * Thin and Skinny * Takes long to Build Muscles * Does not gain weight easily

Ectomorphs should concentrate on building lean muscle mass (this applies to women too) through weight training and cardio exercises. Because Ectomorphs do not have much strength, they should only perform moderate exercises and take rest between sets. The best workouts for such body types are walking on the treadmill, boxing, power lifting workouts, crunches and cycling.

Ectomorphs should consume between 3000 to 3500 calories per day if they want to gain some weight and build muscle. You should eat 5-6 times a day and include more carbohydrates and protein-rich foods such as green vegetables, whole grain bread, legumes, dairy products, chicken, and red meat in their diet.

The Endomorph – Short & Curvy

Unlike the Ectomorphs, Endomorphs find it difficult to lose weight and are often overweight. They are characterized by a round face, big bones, large trunk and thighs. Endomorphs find it difficult to burn calories because of slower metabolism and generally have a high degree of fat around their midsection.

If this describes you, don’t be disappointed since Endomorphic body types have their own advantages; Endomorphs are naturally muscular and gain maximum benefit out of muscle building programs.

Basic Endomorph Features

* Bulky and round body * Can put on fat easily, especially around the midsection * Generally short and stocky * Slow metabolism * Builds muscles quickly * Mostly overweight and obese

You should eat small meals frequently in order to regulate your metabolism. Follow proper nutrition and never starve yourself in an attempt to lose weight. People with this body type should restrict their intake of carbohydrates and consume more protein-rich foods. Proteins help in maintaining lean muscles and keep you satiated for longer hours.

Endomorphs benefit from cardiovascular workouts and weight training and, as a result, can build muscle quickly. The ideal exercise routine for Endomorphs would include cardio exercises and weight training. Other exercises such as Pilates, Yoga and Aerobics can also be of immense help.

If you are an Endomorph, we would recommend the ‘Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program’ by Tom Venuto and ‘How to Get Ripped Abs’ by John Alvino. These programs will teach you the techniques to burn fat while maintaining lean muscles in the most effective manner.

The Mesomorph – Athletic Body

These are the people who are truly blessed with the best body type – well defined muscles, large bones and a perfect physique. If you are a Mesomorph, you will have a well developed chest, broad shoulders, slimmer waistline, firm abdomen and toned thighs.

What else would one ask for? However, there is a downside: Mesomorphs have poor flexibility and need to indulge more in flexibility training.

Basic Mesomorphic Features

* Athletic built * Full of energy and capable of a lot of physical activity * Females have an hour-glass figure while men are rectangular shaped * Muscular and toned body * Excellent physique * Gains muscle easily with proper training

Mesomorphs should consume a diet rich in proteins and slow-absorbing carbohydrates such as vegetables, brown rice, sea-food, eggs, legumes and olive oil. Their exercise routine should ideally be a combination of circuit training, high-intensity cardio, moderate weight training, core and strength training. ‘Burn the Fat, feed the Muscle’ program by Tom Venuto would help you learn the right way to train for your body type.

While most people can be classified into the above mentioned body types, certain people can have a build that is a combination of the above types. Whatever the case may be, it is important to balance proper diet and workouts specific to your type, so you remain healthy, active and full of energy!

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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