Weight Loss – Six Foods You Can Eat to Help You Lose Fat

Are you tired of going on a binge and than feeling guilty afterwards?

Every small lifestyle change with foods you eat can impact your body positively. You wont’ need to fad diets or go on program with steep enrollment fees.

Here are some simple steps you help you manage your hunger and weight:

Green tea. The caffeine in the tea can help with your metabolism. Also there’s an antioxidant called EGCG that can help gently speed up metabolism. Let;s be clear, i’m not talking about a going on a liquid diet, okay? I’m saying that you can take some tea in the morning time with your breakfast and for lunch. I prefer sipping on a diet version green tea bottle. It’s got less sugar and calories.

Almonds. There easy to pack and are great for you. Take it raw, unsalted and in small portions, about 10 to 20 pieces at a time. They’re great because they can satisfy faster than candy. It also can act as a physical barrier to absorb the fat in your intestines. Also several studies have found that woman who eat nuts have a lower body mass indexes (weight to height ratios) than women who don’t.

Milk. Drink your milk. Besides the calcium, the body can efficiently increase metabolism. In fact, according to obesity research found that when adults exercised, was on a reduced calorie intake and had three servings of dairy, metabolism changed and they burn more fat than those who just had one serving. If you don’t like drinking milk, eat low-fat yogurt with some fruit like strawberries.

Pears. The fiber in them makes you feel fuller longer and help ward off the munchies. In fact a study with high-fiber bread. They found that participants lost an average of 19.3 pounds in an eight weeks study. A pear has about seven grams of fiber.

Soups. Not the creamy or cheesy soups versions. I’m talking about clear broths that are loaded with veggies. A study by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, found that smells released by many hot foods (not just in soup) could actually make you feel fuller then the aroma from cold meals. The soups can help you gobble fewer calories so you you’ll push away from the table faster.

Salads. Help your body by eating leafy green veggies. They’re great because they fill you up in calories. You can’t really overdo it with eating the leafy greens. Think of eating dark greens and think of bright, rainbow colors of vegetables. Great nutrients for your body too. How about adding some spinach or bell peppers to your morning omelet. For lunch, have salad with grilled chicken and low-fat dressing. How about some rainbow chard with dinner?

There you go, six foods that will help you get you to your ideal healthy weight faster while satisfying your hunger.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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