Top Must-Have Components Included in a Quality P80 Lower Parts Kit

Are you looking to build your own AR-15 but unsure what components to get? A quality p80 lower parts kit is essential to any AR-15 build. It includes all the necessary components for a successful build, such as the trigger assembly, grip, magazine catch, and buffer tube assembly. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the top must-have components included in a quality p80 lower parts kit.


One of the most important components included in a quality P80 lower parts kit is the trigger. A trigger is essentially the interface between the gun and the shooter’s finger. As such, it must be smooth, responsive, and reliable.

When looking for a top-quality trigger for your P80 build, is the perfect destination. At, you’ll find an impressive selection of triggers to choose from, including high-performance models from the world’s leading manufacturers.

In general, a good P80 lower parts kit should come equipped with a trigger that provides a crisp, clean break and minimal travel. This not only helps improve accuracy but also enhances the shooter’s overall experience by making the gun feel more responsive and enjoyable to use.

When shopping for a P80 lower parts kit, pay attention to the trigger’s material and construction. Some of the best triggers on the market are made from high-quality materials like titanium, aluminum, or steel. Additionally, look for a trigger that has been carefully machined and honed to provide a smooth, reliable performance.

Overall, if you’re serious about building a high-performance P80 firearm, a quality trigger should be at the top of your must-have list. So head over to today and explore the wide range of triggers and other components available for your next P80 lower parts kit project!

Trigger Guard

The trigger guard is a critical component included in a P80 lower parts kit. It serves to protect the trigger mechanism from accidental discharge and ensures a safe shooting experience. A quality trigger guard is made from high-grade materials and fits snugly around the trigger, preventing any debris or dirt from entering the trigger mechanism.

Most P80 lower parts kits come with a standard polymer trigger guard. However, some high-end kits feature aluminum trigger guards that are stronger and more durable. Aluminum trigger guards also offer better aesthetics and are available in different colors to match the overall look of the firearm.

When selecting a P80 lower parts kit, it is essential to choose one that includes a sturdy trigger guard that can withstand constant use. A weak or poorly designed trigger guard can compromise the safety of the firearm and lead to disastrous consequences.

To ensure a reliable and secure trigger guard, look for kits that have undergone rigorous testing and meet industry standards. By choosing a high-quality trigger guard as part of your P80 lower parts kit, you can enjoy a safer and more reliable shooting experience.

Fire Control Group

The Fire Control Group, also known as the FCG, is a crucial component of any quality P80 lower parts kit. The FCG is responsible for controlling the firing of the weapon. It includes the trigger, hammer, disconnector, and springs.

When looking for a P80 lower parts kit, make sure that the FCG is made from high-quality materials. A poor-quality FCG can lead to issues with the weapon’s firing, such as misfires or trigger failure. It’s important to invest in a kit that includes a reliable FCG.

Some P80 lower parts kits may include an upgraded FCG, such as a drop-in trigger or an adjustable trigger. These upgrades can greatly improve the weapon’s performance and accuracy. However, keep in mind that these upgrades may come at an additional cost.

Overall, the Fire Control Group is an essential component of any P80 lower parts kit. Investing in a quality kit with a reliable FCG can ensure that your weapon performs at its best.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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