Tips to Help You Buy a Good Umbrella Stroller

As far as convenience goes, umbrella strollers are a lot better than those full-size strollers are. Therefore, these strollers are an ideal choice for you if you often go out with your kids. When buying one, you may want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this product. Aside from this, you may also want to take into account the features, wheel locks, restrain system, canopy and the footrest of the stroller.

First of all, there is no doubt that umbrella strollers are lightweight, small and easy to carry around. Since this type of product can be folded up, you don’t need a lot of space in your room or car. You can also carry this product with just one hand. Like any other product, umbrella strollers have their pros and cons.

The Advantages

As said earlier, umbrella strollers don’t weigh much. Most of the products weigh around 7 kg. Aside from this, you can use or fold the product with one hand, which means that the product can be folded pretty quickly. Moreover, the size of the product makes it easier for you to move the product through small spaces, such as aisles in big shopping malls.

The Disadvantages

Since these strollers are small, toddlers and big babies may not find these products very comfortable. Aside from this, the simple design of the product doesn’t let you adjust the position of the seating. So, if you have a young kid who can’t sit up without support, umbrella strollers may not be a good option.

Usually, if you have a baby who is younger than 6 months, you may not want to put him in the stroller. Aside from this, you don’t have more than one seat position, your kid won’t be able to fall asleep in the reclining position. Moreover, the product doesn’t have a wheel suspension.

How to choose an Umbrella Stroller

As far as choosing a good umbrella stroller is concerned, you may want to take into account some factors. Although all of the products have the necessary features, you will find that different brands have different set of features. You may want to take into account the size, age, stroller’s features as well as the reputation of the brands.

Age and Size of the baby

As said before, placing a baby who is under 6 months of age should not be placed in the baby stroller. If you have a newborn baby, you may want to look at other options prior to putting money in good umbrella strollers. Also, keep in mind that these strollers feature a limit of maximum weight. As a matter of fact, some big strollers can carry a kid that weighs up to 40 kg. On the other hand, small units have a weight limit of around 24 kg.

Stroller Features

Almost every stroller comes with a hammock-shaped seat for kids to sit in; however, some models have different features. So, when buying a unit, you may want to take into account the features, such as the canopy, the footrest, the wheel, and the restrain system.

So, you may want to keep these things in mind when buying a good umbrella stroller for your baby.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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