Star Trac Exercise Bike – Is This Recumbent Exercise Bike Any Good?

There are several companies out there who are known for the quality of their exercise equipment, and one of those pieces of equipment is the Star Trac exercise bike. It is a stationary exercise bike designed expressly for the biking enthusiast and athlete in training. Among the physical fitness benefits are stronger legs, tighter buns, and more pronounced lower abdominals, not mention improved bloodflow due to regular aerobic exercises.

For some, the workout is too uncomfortable unless they are using a recumbent exercise bike, which changes the direction of thrust for your legs, and promotes the uses of the same muscles as an upright, but with added emphasis on the buttocks and lower abdomen. Built-in heart rate monitoring lets the user monitor their physical stats in real time or save them for later analysis. But these monitors don’t stop there. Medical needs or personal preference, a recumbent exercise bike is ideal for many types of exercise program.

A Star Trac S-RB recumbent exercise bike can dynamically adjust the pedal resistance as your workout progresses. By automatically adjusting the pressure required to push the pedal down, the bike forces your body to work a little harder at intervals, increasing cardiovascular activity, and speeding up the process of muscle toning. And don’t forget that the heart rate monitor keeps a record for you to examine later, looking for tell-tale situations that need more concentrated improvement.

Be warned, a Star Trac E-RBe recumbent exercise bike is not a toy. It is a tool used by athletes and physical therapy professionals to achieve desired results, not as an imitation of video games, or an almost idle diversion during other gameplay. If you are not focused on the training of your body and intent on getting results, there may be other models that are more interesting to you. Shop around, read some reviews, and find the exercise bike that offers what you are looking for, there’s more variety than you might think.

Another factor that may make a Star Trac recumbent bike more appealing is that the recumbent frame design allows larger people to use the device. For many, a saddle style set is simply not an acceptable or workable platform for an exercise routine, but the ability to sit in a more comfortable position, on a seat that feels more chair-like makes all the difference. For them, the design of a Star Trac exercise bike makes it possible to undertake physical therapy that would literally be impossible using a typical upright exercise bike design.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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