Leco Top Tube MTB Child Seat – Universal

DESCRIPTION: A child seat with separate footrest which is designed to be permanently fixed to the top tube of either a man’s or woman’s bike. Not recommended for children under 3 years.

ASSEMBLY: Detailed instructions are included for assembly, which takes around thirty minutes. Due to the fact that it is a permanent fixture to the bike, there are more parts to assemble, and fittings are included so that it can be installed on most frame sizes and types. It is important that attention is made to tightening up all of the nuts and bolts to ensure that the bike seat cannot move when a child is seated.

GOOD POINTS: The seat does not greatly affect the rider and is very strong. Children are safely held in place with the belt and buckle, and the footrest helps to further stabilize the child. The seat is well padded and a basic backrest is provided. The fact that the seat is similar to an adult’s bike seat will probably make it more appealing to older children, and the front positioning of the seat means that the child has better interaction with the rider. This is a very cheap, yet functional child seat that will fit most bike frame shapes and sizes.

BAD POINTS: The seat is not easily removed if more flexibility is required. The use of the footrest depends purely on the child, and the feet are not held in place, meaning that if they choose not to comply with the adults wishes their feet could be flailing everywhere whilst cycling.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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