How to Lose Lose Stubborn Belly Fat the Fastest Way – Nine Tips For a Flat Sexy Stomach

Train with ‘strange’ objects.

Go to your local tyre shop and get a car or truck tyre. Roll or flip it up hill or around the backyard. You’ve got all you need for a great full body workout. Other objects to try include sandbags and ropes.

Hit the cables.

When you use cables you can achieve any angle of resistance. You can use a light weight to tone and define the smaller muscles that get missed when you use big exercises like the bench press. Mix up the angles to keep your muscles guessing.

Hit the supersets.

Instead of just doing all of your sets of the one exercise in a row, alternate between two or more exercises with little to no rest. This will keep your heart rate up giving you that fat burning boost. Try to avoid similar exercises with this technique as your muscles will burn out too quickly.

Hit overdrive.

Dig deep and find it within yourself to push out those few extra reps. That’s going to be the difference between mediocre results and really achieving the results you really want. When you think you’ve done your last rep, try for three more.

Go natural with your eating.

Keep your diet ‘clean’ by eating as many berries, fruits and vegetables as you can. Throw in some raw nuts, green tea and water and you’ll have most of your diet covered.

Put a power lunch on the menu.

Make lunch time a recurring meeting that you block out in your diary to go for a run or workout. If you have had a bad morning this will also revitalize your day! Put yourself first and make this meeting non-negotiable.

Fill up on water.

The more you sip on water and keep your stomach from getting empty, the less likely you will want to snack on bad foods. Keep a glass or bottle handy and reach for it before you reach for a snack.

Shock your body.

Change up your routine so that you don’t get stuck in a rut. If you normally lift between 8 and 12 reps, switch up to some heavy lifting between 4 and 5 reps for a while.

Get started.

If you are struggling for motivation, at least start your workout, even if it means telling yourself you’ll just do one set. Chances are that you will keep going and get through your whole workout anyway.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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