Dumbbell Weight Training For Faster Fat Loss

You can use dumbbell exercises and workouts to transform your body in the least amount of time possible.

In order to burn fat at the fastest rate possible with dumbbell weight training, you need to follow a few important principles.

Use The Best Exercises

If you want to burn body fat at warp speed, then the last thing you should be doing are isolation exercises like curls, kick- backs, pec flys, and lateral raises. Those exercises don’t recruit a lot of muscle mass, and therefore they will not elevate your fat burning metabolism.

To burn body fat you need to use exercises that not only burn a ton of calories while you perform them, but they will also keep your metabolism elevated for hours after your workout is finished. That is how you burn more fat faster.

In addition to dumbbell exercises, you should also use bodyweight exercises. They will help you burn fat, build lean muscle, and they don’t require any additional equipment so there’s no reason not to include them.

Note: the abbreviation “DB” means dumbbell

Lower Body– DB Squat (suitcase, overhead, front, etc)

– DB Deadlift (one leg, RDL, etc)
– DB Swings (double, one arm, etc)
– DB Step Ups
– DB Lunges (walking, reverse, lateral, crossover, etc)
– DB Bulgarian Split Squats
– Jump Squats/Lunges
– One Leg Squats

Upper Body Pushes

– DB Floor Press
– DB Bench Press (incline, flat)
– Standing DB Overhead Press
– DB Push Press
– Push- ups (walking, grasshopper, hindu, etc)
– Parallel Bar Dips

Upper Body Pulls– Chin- ups (pull- ups, neutral grip, with towels, etc)

– DB Renegade Rows
– DB Rows (two point, underhand, neutral, etc)
– DB Pullovers
– Inverted Rows

Miscellaneous Exercises– DB Snatch (split snatch)

– DB Clean and Press
– Burpees
– Squat Thrusts
– DB Man Makers

Those exercises will burn a ton of calories while you perform them, and they will also keep your metabolism elevated for up to 36 hours after the workout is completed.

Use Circuits

This tip is simple, but very effective. You should perform exercises back- to- back with little to no rest between them. This is very effective for burning fat, and it allows you to complete your workout in much less time.

The best way to set up a circuit is to pick an exercise from each category above, and perform them one after the other.

Use Different Repetition Ranges

For burning body fat most people only perform higher repetition sets. This is a big mistake. Using higher repetitions (12 or more reps) is very useful, but you can also gain a lot from lower repetition sets (3 to 8 reps).

One some days you should train with higher repetitions, and on other days you should train with lower repetitions. You will be sure to train all muscle fibers, build lean muscle, burn body fat, and also add variety into your training by using different rep ranges.

Sample Dumbbell Weight Training Workout for Fast Fat Loss

– DB Bulgarian Split Squats x 10 each leg
– Standing DB Overhead Press x 10
– Palms Up DB Row x 10 each side
– 1 Arm DB Snatch x 5 each side

Perform each exercise one after the other. You can either perform a total of three to six sets, or you can perform as many circuits as possible in 15- 30 minutes. Either method is very effective, however I prefer to perform as many circuits as possible in a set period of time.

The next time you repeat that workout, complete more circuits in the same amount of time.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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