Body Shape and Weight

Body shape and weight provide vital clues to your health. Most of us will wind up looking like one of our parents. Just as the colour of our hair and eyes is transmitted through our genes, so too is our height and weight distribution, though these can be influenced by diet and exercise.

Studies show that in overweight people, the the distribution of excess body fat can affect their risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Compared to “pear body shaped” individuals, who store fat around their belly, hips, and thighs. Apple- body shaped people are at an increased risk. Having a “beer belly” is no joke: a few extra centimetres around the waist may be a signal of bad things to come.

Healthy weight is now defined according to body mass index (BMI), which is calculated as a ratio of weight to height. This index provides a more accurate measure of body fat than weight alone. Along with body shape. BMI assesses the risk of developing diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Risk of excess weight

The National Diet and Nutrition Survey showed that 41 per cent of men and 33 per cent of women are overweight, and that further 22 per cent of both men and women are obese. Obesity is becoming common, in adults and children.

If your BMI is 30 or above, you are considered to be “obese”, and your health may be at risk, therefore it is advisable to make every effort to lose weight and also improve your body shape.

Being obese also increases your chance of gall-bladder disease, sleep apnoea, osteoarthritis, and respiratory problems. You are more at risk of certain types of cancers, including breast, colon, prostate, and endometrial.

If you need to have surgery of any kind, you may be required to lose weight first to minimize risk.

If your BMI is above 25, we suggest you read the information and advice on weight control and diet plans.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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