Best Chest Exercises: An Innovative Revelation

Are you tired of doing workouts and get unacceptable results? Having a monstrous and a well-shaped chest is truly a pleasant view to the eye. However, due to the wrong execution of chest exercises, you end up getting frustrated for not seeing the results that you’ve desired for. Let me take away your frustrations as you learn the best chest exercises and effective tips for proper execution on this article.

The chest is one of the most difficult muscle groups to develop. Why? It’s not just about development, but it concerns uniformity and shape as well! More often than not, there are victims who end up with an uneven development of the chest by only doing flat bench press. Hence, it is very essential for you to learn the best chest exercises especially for an aspirant like you.

Here are some of the best bench press workouts that you can do:

1. Inclined

This is considered as one of the best chest exercises as it develops and refines the upper chest as well as the anterior and side of the shoulders, triceps and sides of the chest. In short, you hit several muscle groups in just one exercise. With this workout, the inclination of the bench is ideally between 30 to 45 degrees angle. Once a higher angle was set, stress will be placed more on your shoulders rather than your chest.

2. Flat Dumbbell

This is another chest workout that you can perform if you want to develop mass and strength. How does it compare to an ordinary bench press? Bench press in the flat position allows you to feel stronger as it works more of your pectoral muscles than your shoulders. It also uses lesser extent of motion as compared to the flat dumbbell bench press.

3. Decline Dumbbell

This can be considered as the best chest activity that will make you feel even stronger compared to inclined and flat bench press. Why? In this exercise, your pectoral muscles are in a more solid position to press plus your shoulders perform a lesser rotation. Since your legs are securely locked down by the pads of the bench, you will need a spotter to pass on the dumbbells to you once you are already in the position.

As proven, bench press is being performed by many bodybuilders who want to acquire a strong and massive upper body. Let me give you a useful tip: Using dumbbells instead of barbell in performing bench press is more advisable. With dumbbells, you will have to support and balance 2 weights thus making the exercise more efficient. Also, dumbbells allow you to move your hands freely in different positions.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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