5 Exercises You Can Do With Your Hand Gripper

If you own a set of hand grippers for exercising, you have a lot of things you can do. You are not limited to just squeezing them, you can do a variety of things if only you let your imagination think them up.

There are benefits to doing different exercises with grippers because you will be targeting the different muscle groups in your hand and forearm which will give you a more balanced development. Listed below are five ideas you should try.

1. First off you can do the standard squeezing exercise with the grippers for reps. Do 10 to 15 reps for three sets. If 15 reps are not challenging enough for you, you will need to get a stronger pair of grippers.

2. You can do what is called an over crush were you squeeze the grippers all the way closed and hold it there squeezing really hard. Hold on for 5 – 10 seconds.

3. Try negatives where you take a gripper that is too strong for you to normally close and close it all the way with assistance from your other hand. You then try to resist its opening. Do a few reps like this and you will definitely get a good workout.

4. Try exercising just your thumb and one finger. If you have a gripper that is easy for you to close, squeeze it with just your thumb and each finger individually. This will help isolate and exercise those areas of responsibility for each finger. You probably will not be able to squeeze it closed, put partially closed is better than nothing.

5. The last two fingers on the hand seem to not get the best workout. If you grip the handles with just your last two fingers instead of using all five of them along with your thumb, it will give those fingers a chance to get some extra work.

It’s good to have a couple sets of grippers, one you can normally use and a second that is difficult to squeeze. If your difficult one only allows you to do a few reps at a time, this would be great to do a couple times a week. It will help push you past any week point you may have and act as a strength test for you.

I am sure there are more exercises that can be utilized with hand grippers. It’s just a matter of using the imagination to think of new things. Each type of exercise will target your muscles differently and that will benefit you.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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