3 Basic Principles of Success

Life has success and failure. If you want to be successful you need to follow three Basic Principles of Success. Life means being alive. Success means achieving something whether it Money, Physical Fitness or Mental Satisfaction. Success is achieving your desired goal through your passion, mental conciseness, intense dedication, and commitment. In our, every sphere of life success can be categorized into Three Basic Principles. If you know this basic principle not only you achieve success but also you always get a chance to be among the great man in the world. You need not have the huge money or Muscular body to be among successful man. On the other hand, you will have wealth and health together. You can keep your long stay in this beautiful world. You can enjoy a thing of Beauty. A thing of Beauty is a joy forever. Here are the Three Basic Principles of Success in Life.
Physical Fitness/ Success
The Most Important thing in your life is the control of your body. If you want to do as you like to do, want to go somewhere as you want to go. Your body is behaving normally and supporting your daily activities which are Physical Success. Physical Success means physical fitness. Physical fitness does not mean the only huge muscle or 6pac body. It means whenever you want to run you can run easily, whenever you want to go to periods of sleep it comes naturally, no need to take medicine or pill for sleep. The main thing is that you always have to be physically fit to show your commitment and determination to achieve your success. Suppose you have got an opportunity to show talent or hidden merit in the world then First thing first your body must be supportive to your work. You need to give at least half an hour daily for physical exercise. Your daily meal must be well controlled. You can follow this daily meal rule, Never fulfill your stomach with your meal. Keep one-third stomach fulfill with Water and Meal and keep one part stomach empty always. This is scientifically proven. By practicing this you can do your physical or concentrate type of mental work easily. So whenever taking any meal then you need to know how much this meal will benefit me for your physical improvement. Sometimes you can go shopping by walking. Whenever you are in a field and has empty space then you can take the opportunity to run and sweat yourself. You need to remember, “one day I will reach my destination or goal, I Can’t let this opportunity to begging for my physical unfitness. You need to prepare physically every day. Our body shape depends on our meal and physical awareness if we fail both ways we can’t fulfill our eagerness of achieving success. Successful Life means breathing and moving naturally, we can’t ignore it. So, we need to fit and look after our body daily.
Mental Satisfaction/Success
If you are doing something or you have set a goal by following other people’s goal, it won’t give you much pleasure to keep up this work. You need to get 100 percent mental satisfaction what you dong, have to have a clear vision of what you are achieving. Mental Success means Strong Mind. Whenever you get the continuous rejection, frustration and upset by your work process to achieve something new then you need to tackle it mentally. If you know your every aspects or path to reach your destination, you just get affirmation from your mind gradually and telling it that I am driving my goal to the right way and have all the blessing beside me. You need to show a positive mentality always. From your strong mind, you know that someone’s negative thoughts never stop you and you never blame or attack this type of people because they want to break your mental barrier and make you unsuccessful like them in this beautiful world. Mentally strong people never look back on the high way of success who is barking like a dog because they know “Barking Dog Seldom Bites”. If you help someone without getting anything that is mental satisfaction. Its benefit will come to you one day because in this world nothing goes begging, have to have a reason and payoff behind every good or evil deed. Mentally strong people never stop, they always love to explore the glory of success in this amazing world, set new standards of life and want to make life comfortable and easy for everyone. Discipline your body first comes mentally. If you can control your mind then you can control your body. Mental success does not mean thinking about all the things in this world. It means you have a vision in your mind to achieve your goal and you are utilizing your mind with positive thoughts and motivation mentally. You never stop in the middle knowing things getting tougher and somehow feeling demotivated. Successful people always thinks that” I Have completed halfway to my journey and just halfway to go, no matter how tough it becomes, I am toughest to break my commitment. Success comes from the strong mindset of work ethic, determination and through never stops commitment and behind this have to have strong mental power which does not come naturally you have work with your habits, thoughts, and mind to discipline it and direct them in the right way.
Financial Benefit/ Success
Financial Benefit means how much money you will acquire from your financial goal whiter it daily, weekly, Monthly or Yearly. Without a financial goal is like a man without a backbone. Because it will hold your physical and mental capability gradually and will motivate you to create more and more success story. If you have financial capability or money then it will be much easier and quicker to you to create a new plan and can acquire a successful business and entrepreneurship and can do welfare for the humanity by creating job opportunity, Business opportunity and new startup for the new entrepreneur. Financial Success does not only consist of acquiring profit money but also investing money properly with proper vision and must know what is the output of this investing money and how they will bring profit money with capital. Suppose If you have an Idea and plan but you do n’t have exact information how much it will cost for making the idea successful then you waste your time, your investment can be at risk. On the other hand, if you know your financial demand you can be figured out easily how much financial effort you have to give and how much it will come. So always pay attention to your financial success. When you hear a romantic song, you feel romantic, when you have money, you feel fantastic. Financial Success is nonstop money machine which only provides money, wealth which you dreamed then laid foundation to your dream, achieved success throughout continuous hard work, proper execution of the plan, investment, the proper vision of destination and achieve financially and never stops plan a bigger dream then build success empire.
In the era of Globalization, the world is changing day by day. You have to always move further, improving the standard of life, cope up with world’s global, economic and climate change by making success story with the new strategy, plan, communication, and execution. For this, you can’t ignore or skip this three Basic Principle of Success in Life. The main motto of this Three Principles is necessary when you are doing anything, any idea, plan or startup you have to go through this Principles. You just need to remember what is the benefit or success for this I am doing such a thing. By knowing these principles you can easily set the priority of your work and can easily avoid useless, harmful time wasting work. Suppose, you are just browsing the Internet, Facebook, Going to Gym, performing daily activities you don’t know the importance. Firstly ask Three Questions, are these activities among the Three Principles of Success. Any Physical Benefit? Any Mental Satisfaction? Any Financial Benefit? Your mind will tell you the answer and direct you to set Priority to your success will it be Physical, Mental and Financial. Life is yours to make it successful and enjoyable by achieving success by setting your own desirable priority of success. In our life, everyone’s goal is to achieve Physical, Mental and Financial success. By achieving this success the man get respect, fame and become a complete successful man in the world. Even after their death, they are remembered with respect and everyone’s follows their thoughts with dignity like “Steve Jobs” and “Mother Teresa”.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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